Crypto could supplement central bank gold reserves

Central Banks might resort to cryptocurrency reserves as means of supplementing national gold reserves, according to veteran cryptographer Nick Szabo. He also holds that the use of digital currencies…


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How to Spark Innovative Collaboration

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A strategic leadership focus on collaboration in digital transformation initiatives

In this article, I share my thoughts stemming from my experience on how to ignite collaboration leading innovation in the workplace, particularly in the digital transformation initiatives where innovation truly matter.

We know that the term collaboration is overused and loses its significance nowadays, especially with the emergence of internet technologies and digital transformation initiatives.

For example, social media is considered collaborative or collaboration tools. In reality, these so-called social media collaboration tools have little to do with collaboration.

Most of us consider social media tools as practical, useful, and highly valuable for collaboration purposes. However, when we carefully examine these tools, we can see that they are more information-sharing tools rather than actual collaboration tools.

It may sound traditional but from my experience, in the workplace, the most productive and impactful collaboration tools are face to face meetings, telephone, and video conferencing.

In its true meaning, collaboration refers to a diverse team of people working together for mutual goals to achieve successful and synergistic outcomes. The team, mutual goals, and synergistic outcomes are essential requirements in digital transformation initiatives.

The team focus is, of course, on the work and professional aspect of the collaboration rather than entertainment or hobbies. Therefore, social media adds very little value to the digital transformation initiatives.

In the workplace, collaboration may take place in different modes and formats. One example is two or more people sharing ideas for a project plan.

At a basic level, people may also collaborate by writing using various documentation tools such as Box, Google docs, or network version of Microsoft Office products.

In our programs we used a number of emerging and popular knowledge sharing tools such as Slack, Trello, Webex, and Messenger.

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