A Newsletter Sending System Code Challenge

I was tasked with a code challenge to create an Elixir/Phoenix app that would be a newsletter sending system. The requirements were simple and I had 48 hours to complete it. I lost a bit of time on…


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Week 14

This week I was back to class and I am now blessed with a mountain of readings I have to do at the time of writing. This week was good in continuing prototyping with the glasses. Chris and I made the most of the little spare time we have and came up with a good solution to the camera mounting issue.

Before where we were mounting the cameras was putting far too much pressure on the ribbon and the circuit board of the camera. So when I attempted to put it all together and wear the glasses to evaluate the field of view the circuit board would ever fling out of the mold we had made for it or the lens of the camera would fling itself out of the lens hole (no matter how much duct tape I applied) or the ribbon of the camera would break off entirely.

We now have the cameras mounted on top of the glasses themselves close to where the hole for the lens is rather than far away, so now the tension is reduced on the ribbon and the pulling on the board by the cable isn’t as great as it was meaning it should now stay in place.

The next step will be testing the full system once we get all of the other components. Also printing the top piece for the camera and the side and bottom pieces all in one would help as the glasses are very fragile and fall apart easily. Next week I will begin research on the Synesthesia project and read the papers that Tobias has suggested once he sends them through to me.

I will also admit that I felt a sense of pride on Friday at the seminar when I saw my name cited on one of the lecture slides for projects that Tobias is currently working on.

8–10 hours

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