Nella hall della scuola guardo la legenda, tra le altre cose leggo: “livelli di difficoltà, scegliete il vostro, 1=facile, 2=medio, 3=difficile”. Con i libri sotto braccio mi avvicino all’aula di…


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Need to Publish an Article? Here Are Four Ways to Help You Generate Ideas

Brainstorming tips to ignite your creativity

When I joined Medium, there was an overwhelming consensus that writing every day will help you grow as a writer. As an obedient student to my craft, I followed their advice and wrote every day. I’ll save you the lesson on why it’s important since this platform is saturated with this information, for good reason, because it works.

I write every day but I don’t publish every day. I dabble on a couple of stories here and there until I get the momentum to finish one in my draft. My goal has been to publish five articles per week, which I’ve been accomplishing with the setback of waiting for publications to approve them.

Some weeks I struggle with content ideas to produce. My tank runs low and I am depleted with articles that tick my checkbox for publishing, which are – valuable and authentic.

If you find yourself in need of fresh ways to brainstorm your next story, here are some unique ways I’ve found from some amazing writers.

During a brainstorming exercise, Dr. McCormick challenged his students to come up with 40 different solutions to a problem he presented. The students needed to have their list within the next 20 minutes. A seemingly daunting task, but they were able to produce 40 solutions or more.

It can be unnerving to jot down crazy ideas on paper because fear and judgment often stop us from doing so. But do it anyway and it might just lead you to that incredible article worth publishing.

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