Stopping specific bots from using your monthly ShipperHQ quota with nginx

A co-worker of mine recently brought up an issue to me where one of our clients were exceeding their monthly ShipperHQ api quota. The wordpress site in question was exceeding their 10k api limit from…


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Twitter Has News for You

Social media also gives people options; and everyone enjoys getting to have a choice in what they see. While there are only so many print newspapers, readers can switch between apps to find news that they care about. Relying on one news source is traditionally what people have done and what older generations do.

But is social media the best option?

The concept of “fake news” has become increasingly popular among all generations. The news may be actually false or people simply just don’t want to believe it. Journalists have the responsibility of reporting fair and balanced news, but today there is a clear divide between opinions on many subjects.

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