Need to Publish an Article? Here Are Four Ways to Help You Generate Ideas

When I joined Medium, there was an overwhelming consensus that writing every day will help you grow as a writer. As an obedient student to my craft, I followed their advice and wrote every day. I’ll…


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Why Study Software Engineering?

The exact same question I was asking myself 8 years ago… I knew I was really into engineering and technology so the answer was quite simple back then: Sure, why not?

The truth is… At that moment I was not aware of how much impact this decision would be, also, my decision was not very well founded, I’d never written a code line in my life and I did not know nothing about Software Engineering, however, things turned out well, I got in love️ with code and software ❤. I guess I was lucky 🍀.

Nowadays I do have some reasons that I wish I could share with my younger me and I want to share them with the young (and not so young) people out there that are asking themselves this same question.

1. Create

I’ve never pictured myself as a creative individual, however, as I was learning to code I realized that creativity and code are tied together. Being a Software Engineer allows you to materialize your ideas from virtually nothing (probably just a cup of coffee and your laptop), and share your creations with the entire world in a extremely easy way.

2. Life Quality

3. Constant Learning

Technology is evolving like crazy… Updates, new languages, new tools, new concepts, new challenges. There’s so much going on, the only thing you can do is try to keep up with this evolution by learning, let your curiosity take control, trying to find better ways, different solutions to the challenges you shall find and adapt to this evolving environment. Learning is important and fun!

What am I missing here? A lot, I’m sure.
Leave a comment and share your answer.

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