Behati Prinsloo supports Adam Levine after betrayal scandal

Behati Prinsloo remained by the Adam side, who made his first public appearance since he was accused of treason by model Sumner Stroh, who revealed she had an affair with the leader of the Maroon 5…


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The Difference Between Useful and Useful

I would like to create a formula that tells how useful a product is. In this route I have arrived to a big station. I realized that there is a hierarchy of usefulness of things. There are useful things that are more useful than others.

I drew a pyramid of categories of usefulness of things. The most useful products are at the bottom and the less useful things are on the top. The point of view to give a position of a product in the hierarchy I used was the part they play in a human beeing’s surviving efforts.

The most useful products are essential and the less useful products are joy makers in a person’s life.

So this is the gradiation of products from the less useful to the most useful:

enjoyable products

comfort making products

important products

needed products

essential products

How does it came to the formula?

Essential products like running water and clean air and good food are 100 % necessary for surviving.

Needed products like teaching books are 90 % necessary for surviving.

And so on.

So I think that this component of my formula will be measured in percentage. Any product can be put into one of the categories in the hierarchy so any product can have a factor expressed in percentage. See the table below.

OK. But what is the name of the idea child I shared with you? What is the name of the pyramid?

I will call this pyramid the Pyramid of Products by their Part in the Game of Survivng. So: PPPGS.

Is it interesting?

If you want to buy and sell really useful things follow me on my route to the Ultimate Product Usefulness Formula. Please…

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